Profile: RIP 2022, Tribute Ride for the Artists We Lost in 2022

This past year was an awful one for music lovers—there seemed to be an inordinate number of well-known artists who passed away. My annual tribute profile was extremely hard to put together because there were far too many options! So many seemed to come in the final month. After losing Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac on November 30, they seemed to come hard and fast. Teri Hall of The Specials on December 19, Maxi Jazz of Faithless on Christmas Eve, and on New Year’s Eve, both Anita Pointer of the Pointer Sisters and Jeremiah Green of the ’90s group Modest Mouse passed away. 

This comprehensive list of musical artists lost around the world in 2022 will fill you in on more information about the dates and details of each artists. There were 837 musicians lost in 2022. In my profile below, I added a small bit of information about each artist in my playlist, so if you change any songs, you can refer to this article for the details. 

Below you will find the Express Profile and my playlist, along with a bucket playlist of many of the artists we lost in 2022 (at least, artists whose music works well in the cycling studio). 

My profile is a series of fast flats or higher-cadence leg surges follow by climbs. Intensity stays in the moderate to somewhat hard range for most of the ride but you can add some higher-intensity surges if desired as well as offering more recovery if your class needs it. There is a lot of flexibility in this profile.

Obviously, I chose artists I felt a connection with, along with how the songs would work in my profile. In making my choices, I had to leave out many artists I wanted to include. For example, tracks by Irene Cara, Modest Mouse, Foghat, and more started out in my list of songs I wanted to use but ended up on the cutting room floor. You may find you want to change out a few songs to match your preferences and attachment to the artists.

I could have done an entire profile of just Faithless songs—and there aren’t too many artists I could say that about. So instead, I’ve played my favorite longer Faithless songs in my last three classes and saved one of his shorter songs, “Drifting Away,” for my tribute ride.

My deepest dream for this coming year is that we lose so few artists that my RIP 2023 playlist is meager and I have a hard time making a full profile and resort to doing a tribute to all my favorite artists we lost over the previous decade. (That’s always a good option for a great playlist, by the way.)

Here is my promo for my ride this year.


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