Two Interactive Super Bowl Profiles and Three Exciting Bucket Playlists for Game Day

Get ready for the showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers this year! Apologies to all the Detroit and Baltimore fans out there whose dreams were dashed.

We’ve prepared three distinct playlists to amp up your Super Bowl spirit. As always, we’ve curated a playlist featuring tracks for each of the competing teams, along with tunes from the halftime performers. The second playlist is all about football and victory anthems, while the third, dubbed “Game Time/Game On,” is packed with tracks perfect for any sports-themed ride. You can access these playlists at the end of this post.

But that’s not all! Dive into our archives for two electrifying Super Bowl profiles that will have your riders envisioning that coveted Super Bowl ring, regardless of their team’s fate. Switch between offense and defense in these profiles, each with its unique twist. Since teams change every year, spice up your soundtrack with songs from our Super Bowl 2024 bucket playlist, featuring favorites about your team’s cities and halftime tracks by this year’s performer. Alternatively, incorporate tunes from musical acts hailing from San Francisco and/or Kansas City.

The first of our Super Bowl theme rides from our archives is called Rock You Like a Hurricane by Kala Markel followed by Offense-Defense Switch, crafted by Carole Harrell. Fair warning—these rides pack a punch, so be sure to offer riders the option to take a breather! 

Both of these profiles have been highly popular at ICA:

Lynda told us:

This was fabulous. My class went crazy for it. We use the PIQ System so both teams could see how they were stacking up against each other. It was awesome! Tons of energy, pumping music, and some friendly competition! I want to thank you and your team for amazing articles, profiles, songs, etc. I have definitely become a better instructor and appreciate this website so much! You all rock! Keep doing what you are doing!

Sandi said:

Another stellar profile! Thank you ICA and creator Carole Harrell. When I showed up with a ping pong paddle (red on one side for defense and black on the other for offense) I think my participants were afraid of what I was going to use it for. When I explained the concept to them I saw the tension leave their faces. They all seemed to enjoy the ride and left with smiles on their faces and sweat on the floor.

This year, we have a third option for your Super Bowl profiles. It’s not an interactive game-inspired profile, rather it is a musical tribute to past halftime performers. Check out Fern’s profile Super Bowl Halftime Showstoppers.

ICA members can access the three bucket playlists below. 

We’d love to hear your comments after you’ve had a chance to teach either of these profiles. Let us know how your students appreciated the ride, too. Also, please share your song suggestions in the comments below.


  1. So I did the offense defense profile yesterday. I’ve done this one several times before. Although I know nothing about football, people totally LOVE this one- which always amazes me. But yesterday after I quoted Vince Lombardi , one guy disagreed. He said he has all the will in the world but no strength, height or built to be in the NFL. Based on this quote, he says – anyone with willpower can play for the NFL. He said he heard this quote many times. I replied that it probably primarily applies to those who are already in the game. But it was interesting. Maybe something to think about or find other quotes? I should have said it can apply to anything you set to
    Accomplish in life but didn’t think about it at the time. Still, he took it literally and I’m sure some others people do too. Just thought I’d share it.

  2. I have a superbowl class planned and am using music from current and past half time shows. (Bruno mars, maroon 5, U2 and jlo…I plan to play save me san fransico and miami while members are setting up bikes for class.

  3. Working on my Superbowl set already…next Sunday will be a great one as a regular Sunday morning instructor and living in the Bay Area. Go Niners!

  4. I used the Offense-Defense Switch profile this past Saturday for my 8 AM class and they loved it. I also added the NFL on Box by Bobby Morganstein to start it off and also imported a NFL Superbowl Disney World Commercial at the end. My class got a laugh out of it. Thank you for a great ride and some really good commentary — esp appreciated since I’m not the biggest football fan. It made the class more engaging.

  5. Put together a fun Super Bowl ride and our members loved it. One of my regulars told me to make sure I repeat it for my 5:45 am class on Wednesday. I found a 30 second chant for both the Panthers and the Bronco’s. Cold Play’s “Adventure of a Lifetime” was a great halftime recovery song and then we ramped it up for the last 15 minutes. We cooled down with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Long Cool Women” from Remember the Titans. It was game on for 45 minutes. Thanks for all the great suggestions and help with the profile.

    1. Looking forward to another Offense-Defense Switch…this time with the Broncos and Panthers…..and great idea for Cold Play half time bonanza!!! Go hard or go home! Can’t wait…

    2. Author

      This sounds really fun Debra! Can you share those chants you found? Are they easily found? I wonder if they are on Spotify so I can add them to the playlist?

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