Theme Ride Thursday: RIP 2020

Last year I did an entire tribute ride with songs dedicated to those artists we lost in 2019. Every artist lost is heart-breaking, and this past year is no different. Sadly, in 2020, quite a few of them died from complications due to Covid-19.

I haven’t yet created a profile around the artists we lost in 2020. This year, I might only grab a handful of them as a tribute rather than create an entire profile. It’s certainly possible to do so, but unless you are a die-hard Rush fan or Eddie Van Halen fan, or really like country or disco, the choices (for riding to in an indoor cycling class, at least) are limited (in my opinion).

Of course, you can always expand your music selection to artists we’ve lost in the last couple of years.

Here are a few notable tracks from artists who passed away in this past crazy year of 2020.



  1. I really enjoyed the RIP from last year and reading this article just makes me remark on how quickly we forget and how fast a year goes by! (not a cycling related comment, but struck me)

  2. also Pressure Drop by Toots and the Maytals (Toots Hibbet)
    Mississippi Queen by Mountain (Leslie West)
    Barefootin’ by Robert Parker. (Robert Parker) (I play Pete Townshend’s rendition)

    1. Author

      Thanks Joe, I’ve added them plus a few more from Toots. I remember when I heard he died to make a mental note to add him to my RIP 2020 playlist but forgot. I especially love the song Pressure Drop. Thanks for the reminder.

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