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Profile: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This creative and fun profile explores the sensations that go along with the “He loves me, he loves me not” game—where you pull petals off a daisy and the last petal is the one that applies to your current crush. The music reflects these two alternatives, which should have your riders alternating between pain and pleasure.

A Valentine’s Profile From the Archives: Sweet Poison

REPOST from the archives: Sweet Poison represents a box of Valentine’s chocolates. This profile riffs on Jennifer’s Trick or Treat Halloween ride but, in this case, after selecting a song it will be up to each student to design an activity for the class. In doing so they will have to take into account their knowledge, personal preferences, and the reactions of the other students. You AND your students will be taking some risks with this profile…but isn’t that what love means as well?

The Power Accelerator Profile

I woke up one morning and the thought hit me: “There are so many great songs on the ICA website submitted by master instructors; I should build a profile solely from this music library.”

As is customary at the beginning of the year, I build four profiles for the purpose of delivering base conditioning to my riders. Next up on the docket was a leg speed and technique workout, so I dug into all the great music contributions to create this profile.

A Super Bowl Profile That Will Rock You Like A Hurricane

This profile is inspired by the movie Gladiator (2000) where Maximus (Gladiator), Commander of the Armies of the North, addresses his men before battle, “…Stay with me. If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled; for you are in Elysium…” Take your riders on a journey up a 31-minute climb to their own personal Elysium.

Master Class: Ascent to Elysium

We first posted this Super Bowl profile from ICA contributor Kala Markel three years ago, and have had so many comments and e-mails about how much fun it is to teach and how much students enjoy it. Now you have TWO great Super Bowl options!

Super Bowl Profile: Offense-Defense Switch

You want a Super Bowl profile to end all Super Bowl profiles? This exhilarating profile will have your riders dreaming of that Super Bowl ring, even if their own teams didn’t make it to the championship game. You will alternate from offense to defense, with different goals each time.

Audio Master Class: I Dare You to Fly!

In this profile you will dare your riders to recommit to their goals using very powerful songs, each one a perfect compliment to your message. You can bring out this powerful motivating ride any time you want you riders to commit to doing more of what they want and need. In fact, this ride is very effective as a post–New Year’s boost.

Four New Year’s Profiles From the Archives

Here are easy access links to four past profiles for the New Year, including the popular “How Big is Your Why,” which challenges your thinking with a *Revolution*; “Roll With The Changes,” which will help your students put the stake in the ground and avoid errors of the past. “The Word of the Year” encourages riders to choose a personal mantra, and “What’s Stopping You” reflects on the “How” they will achieve their goals, not just on the “What.”

Three Holiday Profiles From the ICA Archives

To save you from having to search through the ICA archives, here are three fun holiday profiles to choose from: Christine’s interactive Shop Till You Drop profile, Jennifer’s Holiday Calorie Burner, and Shari’s Winter Solstice profile.

You and Your Rides Can Help Santa and Rudolf in the Fun Profile

Bill Pierce, who brought us the Chase Across Europe and the Middle East profile, has another story-based profile for your holiday classes. This one has you and your riders helping Santa out when his reindeer are sick, so you ride up to the North Pole to pull his sleigh. It’s a secular concept with less-than-traditional-but-still-holiday music selections, so it […]

A Different Twist on a Turkey-Themed Profile

ICA member Bill Jenks sent me this Thanksgiving “story ride,” a cross between Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Wizard of Oz. Take your students on a journey to meet Tom the turkey, who dreams about soaring with the eagles and flying off to some wonderful place where he can be happy. All the songs align with the message.

Prepping for a Reset Part 6: Speed Demon

Many folks mistake speed and pedal-stroke work as only beneficial for those who ride actual bikes outdoors. This is not the case. Although it is a popular understanding that higher leg speeds produce greater power (force X velocity = power), there are also mechanical and neuromuscular benefits for everyone.

Two Thanksgiving Profiles

Here are two Thanksgiving profiles from the past so you don’t have to search for them. The first is one of my favorites, The Gratitude Ride, and the second is a rolling hills Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother’s house. This time, however, one of our ICA members added a fun twist to Over the River, and he shared the results. You’re going to love the replies his riders gave him!

Audio Master Class: Stampede

If you love proving that indoor cycling is not just for cardio bunnies, this is the profile for you. The overall goal is to place as much force on the leg muscles as possible for the duration of each muscular strength interval. Consider this profile the equivalent of performing single-leg squats or lunges—800 of them!

Prepping for a Reset, Part 5: Legs a Pumping

In order to prepare for the lung-burning intervals our riders know and love, some conditioning is needed. In addition to aerobic conditioning, the muscles of the legs need to be ever ready and everlasting. Here is the first of two profile outlines on leg muscle conditioning—muscular endurance.

Prepping for a Reset, Part 4: Lung Love

I hope you enjoyed the video of how I present the reset to my classes (I use the last example, of course). What I realize is I have the benefit of knowing exactly what this reset actually looks like in terms of profiles. In order to give you this benefit and resulting confidence, I’m going to provide an outline of five profiles I use during the first three months of the year. Here is the first profile outline: Aerobic Conditioning.

FREE Halloween Profile: Trick or Treat!

I wanted to make one of my earlier profiles available for free so non-members can get a taste of how much detail we provide in our profiles and how much fun they can be. This profile is a game in which you let your students “trick or treat” and select the next interval effort. The songs are awesome and eerie and your students will thank you for helping them work off some of the candy they’ve stolen from their kids! Members can also find links to our five other Halloween profiles.

Halloween Profile: Ride For Your Lives!

This particular ride is written to be performed as much as it is to be coached. The instructor takes the position as a guide on a Haunted Bike Tour past a graveyard, through Halloween Town, into the woods, past a second graveyard, and concludes with a steep ascent to Dracula’s castle. The more theatrical—the better! Might I suggest ridiculous glasses or a witch/mad hatter hat…and a fog machine?

Audio Master Class: Progressive Hill Repeats to Pretend You Have Power!

If you’ve ever been frustrated about riders who seem to cheat about the amount of work they are doing, or how to coach your riders to add enough resistance to do appreciable work (and get the results they want)…then this is your profile! The audio for this profile is a veritable continuing education session, so get ready to learn a lot!

Audio Master Class: Progressive Meritage Intervals

This is a fun progressive-interval ride using a wide variety of terrain. The term “Meritage” comes from the world of wine and means a “quality blend.” That’s exactly what these intervals are…a quality blend!

Audio Master Class: The Chase Across Europe and the Middle East

Introducing our next Audio Master Class, this time with guest instructor Bill Pierce. I’ve known Bill for over a decade and have seen that his profiles are based on sound training principles, yet they always have a thread of fun, humor, and/or adventure. This one is no different, as he takes you on an epic trip through Europe and the Middle East, with music to match each country.

Two Back-to-School Indoor Cycling Profiles From Our Archives

It’s always fun to greet your new students with some back-to-school indoor cycling profiles. We’ve got a couple of fun ones in our archives that are based on the idea of playing games.

Just Got Certified, Now What? Part 2: Creating Your Profile

Part 1 of our new instructor series focused on providing numerous coaching tips to ease you into your first couple of classes. This article will focus on profile creation tips. Because profile creation is one of the biggest hurdles for new instructors, and we are committed to the development of many new instructors, we are making this member article FREE for a limited time. Please share with your friends who have recently become certified.

Profile: Woodstock Revival

This weekend marks the 45th anniversary of Woodstock. To celebrate this generation-defining event, I’ve put together a profile using songs performed. This should bring some smiles to your students on the north side of 50, or those with a penchant for classic rock!

Master Class: Ascent to Elysium

This profile is inspired by the movie Gladiator (2000) where Maximus (Gladiator), Commander of the Armies of the North, addresses his men before battle, “…Stay with me. If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled; for you are in Elysium…”

Audio Master Class: Maya’s Courage

In late May of this year, the world lost a very special woman: Maya Angelou. Billy Coburn, a Star 3 Spinning® instructor and longtime ICA member, posted on Facebook about doing a special journey ride devoted to her motivational writing. I asked Billy to send me the ride and I would consider posting it on ICA. I figured that it could potentially be a very inspirational profile…but I was blown away when I read it. I think you will be as well. Get ready to change some lives—maybe even your own!

A Fourth of July Profile: Three Climbs In America

This fun profile may get some of your students singing here and there—that is, if they can breathe! There are three climbs that vary from moderate to challenging, with a 3-minute flat in between.

Audio Master Class: The Canyon Ride (An Out-and-Back Profile)

This ride is a very fun simulation of an out-and-back ride and highlights the beauty of using outdoor simulations to enhance your indoor experience. This profile includes wonderful visualization cues of the scenery and the outdoor riding experience. I call it The Canyon Ride because the middle section descends into and overlooks a beautiful canyon with desert topography.

Master Class: The Paris Roubaix, the “Hell of the North”

You are going to LOVE this profile! We looked to someone who is a fanatic about the Spring Classics bicycle races who is also an exceptional indoor cycling instructor, Matt Scheffer. Put the two together and you have an emotional, challenging, yet very fun profile to offer your students, even those who might never have heard of the Paris Roubaix. This race is so full of history and drama, you can’t help but have a great time as you visualize the pavé (the rugged cobbled sections of the brutal 160-mile race).

Tempo Tantrum Profile

Not that I want to encourage any of my riders to throw a tantrum, but bringing them close to the edge is fun. What is riding tempo? How does cadence affect my power output, sustainability, and efficiency? How are heart rate and power affected when that delicate and steady world of tempo is disturbed? There is more action and variables in this ride than you can shake a stick at. Even though the target intensity is Zone 3, you may find many of your riders lying on the floor kicking and screaming when it’s over.

Saint Patrick’s Day Profile: If You’re Lucky Enough to be Irish, You’re Lucky Enough

Richard Mullins is an ICA member from Ireland whose passion for teaching is contagious! Who better to create an Irish-themed profile than a blue-blooded Irishman with passion?! I know you’re going to enjoy this fun interval profile built around events that catapulted Ireland to the global stage, including many sporting references.

Audio Master Class: Storm–Stayed

Today is March 3rd, and parts of the eastern United States are in single digits and covered with snow, so there is still time to use this profile! This profile accompanies the article Educating Your Students, Part 4: Using Storytelling and Non-Cycling Examples in Your Profiles. It’s called “Storm-Stayed,” which is an adjective unique to maritime provinces and Ontario in Canada.

Educating Your Students, Part 4: Using Storytelling and Non-Cycling Examples in Your Profiles

Continuing our series on Educating Your Students, Christine gives some suggestions about how to use non-cycling examples to help students understand cycling technique and what they should be feeling while pedaling, both intensity-wise as well as understanding the pedaling movement. She does this primarily through storytelling in her profiles, although that’s not a prerequisite…

Faster, Higher, Stronger! New Olympic-Themed Profile

Christine has done it again, this time with a profile based on the Olympic theme Citius Altius Fortius, which is Latin for Faster, Higher, Stronger. And while it is certainly relevant right now, it is also a profile to pull out again and again when you want to remind your students of their amazing potential. As you cue this ride, you will empower your students to come up with their own motivational phrase that inspires them, and you may be amazed at the results.

Sweet Poison: A Valentine’s Profile

REPOST from last year: Sweet Poison represents a box of Valentine’s chocolates. This profile riffs on Jennifer’s Trick or Treat Halloween ride but, in this case, after selecting a song it will be up to each student to design an activity for the class. In doing so they will have to take into account their knowledge, personal preferences, and the reactions of the other students. You AND your students will be taking some risks with this profile…but isn’t that what love means as well?

Cupid is Stupid Valentine’s Interval Profile

I’m reviving a Valentine’s profile I created three years ago (on my previous website) called Cupid is Stupid. If you have it, great! If not, enjoy! It is sure to get a laugh or two (or perhaps rolling eyes) from your students; that is, if they have any breath left…

The Olympic Dreams Profile

This awesome creative and fun profile by Christine Nielsen, uses the occasion of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to explore some form and intensity topics related to four winter sports, describing teams from four different countries. The music used for each sport is performed by musicians from each of the focus countries.

A Super Bowl Profile That Will Rock You Like a Hurricane!

We first posted this Super Bowl profile from ICA contributor Kala Markel two years ago, and have had so many comments and e-mails about how much fun it is to teach and how much students enjoy it. Here it is again for those who may have missed it.

Audio Master Class: Base Building—Aerobic Conditioning

As January is upon us, it is time once again to rebuild our fitness. This base-building process has a number of elements such as muscular endurance, muscular strength, leg speed, aerobic endurance, and, our focus for this profile, aerobic conditioning.

My 2014 New Year’s Ride

This year I took a compilation of the four inspirational New Year’s Profiles on ICA and put them together into one 90-minute ride. If you want a longer ride, this will give you ideas how to combine these profiles. Remember, New Year’s rides can be done all through January as riders set goals for 2014 and you commit to helping them!

Three New Year’s Profiles From the Archives

In addition to the Word of the Year profile, here are easy access links to past profiles for the New Year. The first is Jennifer’s very popular How Big is Your Why Audio Master Class, which challenges your thinking with a New Year’s Revolution, and last year’s Roll With The Changes profile, which will help your students put the stake in the ground and decide not to repeat errors of the past. Finally, What’s Stopping You will inspire students to reflect on the “How” they will achieve their goals, not just on the “What” aspect of what they want.

New Year’s Profile: Word of the Year

Christine Nielsen rocks your 2014 with profile that will challenge the way you view resolutions by picking one word to become your mantra for the entire year. The coaching throughout the her profile provides a plethora of motivating words to help guide your students to select a meaningful word to guide them throughout the year.

My Winter Solstice Ride This Morning

I taught Shari’s excellent Winter Solstice Profile this morning with just a few changes and wanted to share it with you here. I had to add my favorite Christmasy mashup—heck I only get to play it once a year. I teased my class that their Christmas wouldn’t be complete without this song in my class! I also told them they weren’t allowed to call me if they found it running through their heads the rest of the day.

Two Holiday Profiles From Our Archives

To save you from having to search through the archives, here are two fun holiday profiles to choose from: Christine’s interactive Shop Till You Drop profile and Jennifer’s Holiday Calorie Burner.

Winter Solstice Profile

This is a different twist to our typical December profiles, and one that you will find useful throughout a cold winter. Shari Miranda brings you her Winter Solstice Profile, with all songs pertaining to “light” and “sunshine.” This profile is perfect for those who prefer not to do a holiday-themed ride. You and your students will enjoy this journey to the light!

My Mandela Tribute Ride and More Song Suggestions

Last week after the death of Nelson Mandela, I posted a link to a moving song called “Free Nelson Mandela” by Special (AKA). There were some wonderful comments on that post with song suggestions from Julieanne and Sharon. Sharon is from South Africa, living in Toronto. She taught a moving tribute ride and sent me…

Audio Master Class: The Three Divas Ride

“I never said it would be easy; I only said it would be worth it.” ~Mae West
This quote defines this empowering motivational profile, which takes you up three challenging climbs with three different personalities, reflected by the women recording artists.

Two Thanksgiving Profiles

Here are two Thanksgiving profiles from the past so you don’t have to search for them. The first is one of my favorites, The Gratitude Ride, and the second is a rolling hills Over the River and Through the Woods to grandmother’s house! Enjoy burning your calories before your big feast!

Theme Profile: The Feared Fang Mountains

Take your class to their scary limit on six climbs. True to its name, the Fang mountain range resembles…well…a set of fangs. This Halloween ride features many themes from horror movies, plus songs with appropriate titles. Have a contest in class to see who can name the most movies or songs.

Theme Profile: Hounds of Halloween

Christine Nielsen, one of our more creative profile designers, has done it again, this time with a scary and dramatic theme profile for Halloween, replete with spooky sound effects. Your students’ hearts will be racing for more reasons than just the effort! The ending is rather ingenious; we’d love to hear if any of you added to the story line.

Audio Master Class: The Speed-Strength Challenge

This profile combines what you work on in high-cadence drills with high-resistance climbing efforts, creating a very effective (and hard) training session. Please don’t take it personally if your students take your name in vain after this class; I assure you, they’ll thank you later when they realize how much you improve their fitness and power with very targeted profiles like these.

How Much Do You Value Your Time?

How long do you spend putting together your profiles and playlists? Depending on my mood, I can spend anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, sometimes more (especially for ones like the photo at left). Often the actual profile itself has been brewing in my head for a while; sometimes I come up with the concept while out riding my bike.

Audio Profile: Climb, Climb Again

Last month I was in Seattle and had a chance to take Shari Miranda’s cycling class at the Seattle Athletic Club downtown. It’s a hill repeat profile with a twist. I enjoyed it so much I asked Shari to present it to ICA members. I know you—and your students—will enjoy this one!

My Back-to-School Profile and Playlist This Morning

My Back-to-School profile and playlist was a big hit this morning so I thought I’d share it with you. If you’re not into theme profiles, this one may change your mind! This playlist spans the genres, and includes folk, indie, R&B, pop, punk, retro, and classic rock. It also spans the school age, from elementary to high school to college. As the Ramones say, “Fun, fun, rock ‘n roll high school”!

How I Taught Stage 18 up Alpe d’Huez (twice) this Morning

This morning was my first day back to my class after a three-week hiatus for my trip to the Tour de France. In honor of our climb up Alpe d’Huez, I decided to teach Tom Scotto’s profile for Stage 18 from the ICA Tour de France package. It was, in a word, amazing!

Audio Master Class: Classic Climbs

To highlight our summer focus on climbing, we present another amazing profile from Tom Scotto. Join Tom as he takes you through three killer climbs with the help of guitar hero and classic rock. Make sure to pace yourself, that final climb at a tempo pace will demand all you’ve got! Tom’s outdoor cycling experience comes out in his coaching of this profile, and will help turn you into a climbing expert as well!

How Do You Assemble Your Profiles? Here Are Some Examples of How I Do Mine

All ICA annual payment members receive the free bonus e-book “How to Create Profiles” with 18 pages of tips and advice on conceptualizing, designing and then assembling your profiles. Here are several examples of what I do as I’m piecing together my profiles, including my recent “architectural sketch” of my Stage 3 Tour de France profile. How do you sketch out your profiles? On paper, on the computer, in your head, in Class Builder? Share with us here!

Audio Master Class: Crossroads, an interactive climbing interval ride

Leslie Mueller brings you a very fun, interactive climbing interval ride. In this profile, you’ll have three forks in the road. At each fork, you’ll describe the two possible directions to your students. Your students will make the choice which way they want to ride; then you’ll cue up the songs, and off you go! The beauty of this profile is that every time you do it, it will be different! And there are so many possibilities of additional “forks” you can choose. This may become one of the most versatile profiles in your quiver!

Audio Master Class: The Legends of the Giro

The Giro d’Italia is going on right now, and what better person to bring you a very challenging, very exciting Giro stage than someone who grew up in Italy and remembers seeing the Giro pass by his door at age 4? Robert Baldi, ICA contributor and avid cyclist and cycling fan, brings you the Queen Stage…

Audio Master Class: Red Pill Blue Pill Intervals

This interactive and fun profile has a Matrix theme, in which the second half of the profile you allow your students to select the intervals via their choice of a Red Pill or a Blue Pill. This is one of those profiles you can do again and again, using a few different songs each time, and every single time it will come out different. I’m quite sure this will become one of your go-to profiles!

Audio Master Class: Coaching The Twenty-Minute Field Test

This is Part 2 of the revamped field testing articles. This one is the actual coaching of the field test. I’ve amended some of the cues to help you coach your students better through this grueling but very important assessment. Also, I’ve completely redone my playlist, and have provided tips on what kind of music to use, as well as a suggested list of over 60 additional songs to use in your field tests!

Audio Master Class: Threshold Field Testing–Why It’s Important

This is a re-write and re-recording of a past Audio Master Class on field testing. I have updated the information and reduced the options to the simpler 20-minute field test rather than include the more confusing options of 8-minute vs 20-minute field tests. For less fit or new students, I still recommend the Talk Test. This first post is the physiology and explanation, how to explain it to your students, and what to do with the numbers once you’ve done the testing. This will be followed up with a complete written and recording of a 20-minute field test Audio Master Class with coaching and cueing ideas and a completely new playlist.

Audio Master Class: Reverie, Aerobic Intervals

On the surface this is an aerobic interval ride, but the underlying objective is to help riders enter a dreamlike “reverie” as they work–also known as a state of “Flow” or being “in the zone.” The reverie is inspired through the music selection and coaching, guiding students to trust you enough to let them ride on their own for most of the final 12-minute interval. Instructors looking for profiles for “endurance” classes will really enjoy this one.

Class Profile: What’s Stopping You?

Christine delivers a very thoughtful ride, one that will inspire students to reflect on the “How” they will achieve their goals, not just on the “What” aspect of what they want. I know you’ll find Christine’s unique and introspective coaching to be something you’ll want to incorporate into your profiles.

Audio Master Class: Betwitched!

This high-intensity profile is an exploration of slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Sometimes discussing physiology with students can get a little dry, or go over their heads. Not this time! Tom makes sure they have a blast while experiencing the difference between their slow-twitch (aerobic) and fast-twitch (primarily anaerobic) muscle fibers.

Master Class Profile: Roll with the Changes

In order to not repeat the same mistakes year after year after year, it’s time to stick the stake in the ground and make a decision: A Change Will Do You Good! This inspirational profile will help inspire your students to commit to the changes they need to reach their goals. Based on the classic rock song “Roll With the Changes,” each new motivational song will ingrain your message and inspire them to go just a little longer, a little harder, and to turn the page on the status quo.

Profile: Shop ‘Til You Drop

Guest Instructor Christine Nielsen loves to play interactive games with her students. She came up with this very creative profile for Black Friday but given that you’ve got two more shopping weeks before Christmas, there is still plenty of time to have a lot of fun with this profile. In fact, it is possible to use it year round just for fun!

TOP GUN! Audio Master Class

Get your boosters ready because your class will blast off with this new high-octane Audio Master Class by our new ICA contributor, Robert Baldi. Robert was inspired by the 3D re-release of Top Gun this year, and as he watched the movie again realized it had the perfect ingredients for an amazing interval ride. Oh, and a popular playlist to boot! If you purchased this year’s Tour de France package, you’ll recognize Robert as the creator of two excellent stage profiles.

Over the River and Through the Woods Thanksgiving Profile

Another profile for Thanksgiving! This one takes you over the river and through the woods. However, unlike the traditional song, you’re not going to dinner on a sleigh…but on your mountain bike over four rolling hills!

The Gratitude Ride 2012

Next week is Thanksgiving in the US, but all nations from all over the world share in the need for and the desire to express gratitude. Last year I posted a 90-minute Gratitude Ride, and an reposting it here. Still the same great songs and dedication to gratitude, but updated with a few new cues. Enjoy this profile with your students! And come back in a few days–I’ll have another Thanksgiving ride with a different theme.

Halloween Profile: Trick or Treat!

This year’s Halloween profile is a game (since we’ve been on a game theme lately). You let your students “Trick or Treat” and select the next interval effort. Most of the songs on this profile are new ones (though there are a few of my classic favorites too). The songs are awesome and eerie and your students will thank you for helping them work off some of the candy they’ve stolen from their kids!

Audio Master Class: The Ride of Intention

When we place our attention on our intention, magical things happen! This ride is about inspiring your students to do just that. It’s a magical journey of self-discovery, as they realize they are the creators of their own reality. This is manifested through two challenging climbs. They will never forget what you’ve taught them, or the gift you’ve given them via this ride. . . .

Class Profile: Partner’s Choice

In the second profile of the Back to School series, Jen Lynn has created a very engaging profile that pairs students into teams and asks them to challenge each other, choosing between two different drills.

Class Profile: The Colors Game

It’s Back to School time! Have you ever played games in your classes? Fall is a great time to engage students in this manner as they begin to come back to class after their summer off. Created by guest contributor Jennifer Lynn, this profile is the first installment of a series of profiles employing games.

Audio Master Class: The Modern British Invasion Over Two Climbs

The second installment of the British Invasion series profiles, this one utilizes British music from the 1990s to the present day, with primarily electronic and alternative music, as well as a little Adele to serenade us in the warm-up and cool-down. With two monster climbs that get aggressive at times, your students will remember this one for a long time to come!

Audio Master Class: The British Invasion!

Get ready to rock your bikes and roll your legs! The music of this British Invasion theme ride will appeal to a very wide range of students and have them nodding their heads and tapping their fingers on their handlebars. It will also challenge them as you alternate flats with climbs with a wide range […]

Tour de France Prologue Master Class Profile

You think the Prologue of the Tour de France is too short, too “wimpy”? Think again! This ride will have your students seeing double, and will get them excited about the TDF stage profiles to come. This profile is for all ICA members and is a little taste of what to expect from the ICA […]

HIT IT! Audio Master Class with Tom Scotto

When it’s time to go hard, you might as well learn how to do it the right way. This is more than just a profile, though. Tom teaches you how to perform explosive power efforts and lactate tolerance efforts for any class. We discuss when a class this hard is appropriate and when it is not, and provide suggestions on how to give options to students not ready. Therefore, this audio master class is a MUST for those who like to HIT IT hard!

Audio Master Class: The Roller Coaster Ride

This mountain bike profile has proven to be one of the most exhilarating rides I think I’ve ever done! Hidden beneath the twisty-turny-uppy-downy terrain are unstructured intervals. This is the kind of “real” ride that your interval training prepares you for. So get ready to show your students what solid interval training can do for them!

V02 Max Interval Profiles and Modifications

Now that you know about the physiological adaptations of VO2 Max intervals, here are five different profiles for introducing VO2 max intervals, getting progressively harder. Also provided are some modifications for your students who are still not ready to go to this intensity for very long. This is important if you have classes that aren’t […]

Audio Master Class: Over-Under Intervals

One of my most favorite profiles, and one of the most effective (fitness-wise) you will have in your quiver of profiles. I give you several modifications and options for mixing it up. If you were an original member of my previous website, this was the VERY first audio profile I ever did! But now it’s […]

Threshold Interval Profile Template

This may be one of the most valuable downloads so far at the Indoor Cycling Association. In this template for creating intervals at Lactate Threshold (LT) or Functional Threshold Power (FTP) you can literally mix and match the variables to create well over 50 different profiles! Yes, you read that correctly. Over 50 profiles! By […]

Audio Master Class: Spin-ups and Accelerations

A “spin-up” is a cycling term for a training technique used by cyclists to develop a quick, smooth acceleration. This profile is the perfect follow up to the Cadence Ladder from 80-100rpm, as it builds on the skills developed there, while adding the specific technique of accelerations. You will do both seated and standing spin-ups […]

Audio Master Class: A Cadence Ladder 80-100rpm
This is the first of two Master Classes with cadence drills. While they are both excellent for a periodized cycling program, they are also good any time of the year to help your students develop pedaling skills and to increase their comfortable range of cadences. This profile is an ascending ladder from 80-100rpm. Profile #2 […]

The Hills and Dales of Ireland – St. Paddy’s Day Profile

Here is a simple rolling hills profile set to Irish music to entertain your class. You’re either going up or down on this ride through the bonny green hills of Eire, on narrow roads lined with low stone fences through green pastures dotted with sheep, on your way to meet friends at the Mystic Celt […]

Audio Master Class: The Delicious Ride

One of the biggest request for profiles that I get is for endurance rides, perhaps because some instructors have a challenging time making them seem more appealing. This profile uses clever coaching and even body language to show your students how “delicious” this zone is and how beneficial it can be. But this is not […]

Threshold Field Tests for Heart Rate and Power

More than just an audio Master Class, this is a veritable continuing education workshop! Presented in this audio are two separate field tests, a twenty-minute test and an 8-minute version based on Chris Carmichael’s CTS field tests. Each version is applicable to both heart rate to estimate lactate threshold (LT) and to power, to determine […]

Audio Master Class: How Big is Your Why?

How Big Is Your Why; a New Year’s Revolution is one of Jennifer’s signature profiles. It is not just any ol’ “New Year’s Resolution” ride, this profile is a “Revolution”! It challenges your students to set goals and to change the way they think about achieving them, by finding their most compelling reasons for wanting […]

Class Profile: Holiday Calorie Burner

This ride has two purposes: to have a blast and to burn off as much holiday cookies, fudge and egg nog as possible. Make sure to plan for some easier aerobics profiles next week! Enjoy this profile! It’s crazy and fun and will really torch some calories. Just make sure you have a periodized program […]

Audio Master Class: Energia Magica

This magical ride is one of Jennifer’s signature profiles. It is one long epic climb with a focus on the mind-body connection, in which you inspire your students to visualize nature around them as they climb and to draw energy from their surroundings when it becomes challenging. This profile is truly bringing the outside inside!

Audio Master Class: Pretend You Have Power

It is actually fairly easy to “cheat” on an indoor cycling bike, unless you have power, because power gives you an objective measurement of your output. But indoor bikes with power are still not the norm. However, with some creative cueing, you can teach your students how to “pretend” they have power and to be […]

The Gratitude Ride – A 90 Profile for Thanksgiving

I have taught The Gratitude Ride for the past four years, but I have to say, this 2011 version is my most favorite edition. I offer it to you from my heart. We need even more gratitude in our lives to overcome the heavier difficulties that seem to be present in these days. And what […]

Audio Master Class: Tom Scotto presents the Mount Washington Hill Climb

The Mount Washington hill climb is known as one of the toughest climbs in the world, and Tom Scotto has not only suffered through it, but he brings it to you as an audio Master Class so you can take your students up this monster climb! Listening to Tom talk, you actually feel like you’re there on the mountainside being blown by the wind, and his wonderful cues and descriptions lend themselves perfectly to an indoor ride

Another Halloween Profile

This will be a big week for profiles at ICA. The Audio Master Class will post on Wednesday, with Tom Scotto’s Mount Washington Hill Climb. But since Halloween is only a week away, I wanted to give you another bonus theme profile. Some of you may have it from last year, others won’t. It’s a […]

PROFILE: Halloween Truth AND Consequences

This very fun profile is a game that you’ll play with your students. You’ll ask them a series of questions, and depending on how bad they were as kids when trick or treating, or on any antics they played at college costume parties, you’ll tell them to “pay some penance”! It has the potential of […]

Audio Master Class: Ramp it Up (Through the Doors)

These are called 3-2-1 Intervals, where you gradually ramp up your intensity in small increments. This may very well end up to be the most versatile (and simple) profile in your playbook – you will come back to this one again and again! In addition to the music suggested, I also give an additional 44 […]

Audio Master Class: Mastering Your Intensity-A Heart Rate Pyramid

This is a profile that was popular at WSSC and other conferences for many years. It is a ride of discovery for your students. You will guide them to become the Master of their Intensity, both their heart rate as well as perceived exertion. It is deceiving in its simplicity, and harder than it appears […]

Vuelta a Espana Stage 15 Challenging Mountain Stage Profile

This very challenging mountain stage includes the steepest road of this Vuelta on the final mountaintop finish. In this profile, I give you the cues and the cautions as you coach your students through the challenge. BONUS! Also included here is another fun mountain stage from the 2010 Vuelta, this one filled with attacks and […]

BONUS! Audio Master Class: Vuelta Team Time Trial

This is a BONUS Audio Master Class: Republishing last year’s Vuelta Team Time Trial with a few changes for this year. I want you to be able to teach this exciting profile with a Spanish flair during this year’s Vuelta – or any time of the year for that matter!This year’s Team Time Trial for […]

La Vuelta a Espana and Spanish Music

21 day grueling stage race through Spain, more excellent material for fun and exciting profiles in your classes. Here is a pdf of my iTunes library of Spanish music. The Vuelta a Espana started on Saturday August 20th and continues for three weeks, culminating on September 11, 2011. The 3,300 kilometers total will be spread […]

Audio Master Class: Crossing the Threshold

This challenging and fun interval profile is multipurpose: it is a powerful fitness booster for your fitness enthusiasts, and a very effective performance enhancer for your cyclists.This high intensity interval profile consists of 5 sets of 6 minutes each. You will criss-cross from just below lactate threshold to just above threshold in 1-minute increments. Three […]

Audio Master Class Profile: Team Time Trial – Tour de France [Stage 2 2011]

The Team Time Trial is one of the most exciting events in the sporting world. This is a great threshold effort, a high quality training session. Use it during this year’s Tour or later in the year… just make sure to plan some balance in your class schedule The Team Time Trial is a road-based […]

Audio Master Class: Cause and Effect, The Relationship Between Cadence and Resistance

Cause and Effect is an educational profile, designed to help students discover the important relationship between cadence and resistance, and the impact it has on their heart rate, perceived exertion, muscular strain and breathing. This class may prove to be a breakthrough of understanding for some of your students, especially those who tend to ride […]

Summer Surfin’ Safari Interval Profile

This interval profile is great for a Memorial Day ride, or simply to welcome the end of school or the beginning of summer vacation. All the recovery songs are old-time surf classics! Have fun with this profile all summer long.This profile is great for a Memorial Day ride, or simply to welcome the end of […]


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